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Book Writing Genie is a leading book marketing company that provides professional book marketing and promotion services for Amazon and other platforms. We are the only book marketing services that promotes your book to the right audience at the right time.

Engage More Audience by Affordable Book Promotion Services

Let’s be honest for a second; long gone are the days where readers would rely on word of mouth, or scan the library to find something interesting to read. With the growth of the online world, people are interconnected, and aware of all the latest happenings. If something or someone isn’t creating buzz around themselves or their product online, it may give off the impression that they’re not trendy or worth the effort.

Plus, if your book is primarily relying on online sales, then attracting an audience becomes even more integral to your success. This is where our expert book marketing services come into play. Book Writing Genie has one of the best result oriented book promotion services in the industry and serves as a great way to promote your book to increase its online presence. We offer the best book promotion services to help you achieve your goals easily all while exceeding expectations.

We can promote your book on Amazon Kindle and other platforms to boost your book’s reader engagement in pocket-friendly services and help you become the bestselling author you’ve always dreamed of being.

Make your book stand out from the Amazon kindle competition

In this day and age, no one gets by without marketing themselves or their product; hence, if you’re looking to make it big as an author, then you’re at the right place.

Hire Our Professional Book Writing Services To Express Your Imagination in Words.

We help you:

  • Find the right words for your story.
  • Proofread for mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Publish according to international book standards.

Unlock Your Author Potential by Writing an Ebook
for Amazon Kindle

Want to Increase your sales on Amazon?

Are you a self-published author looking to boost your book sales and gain exposure in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace? Look no
further! Our comprehensive Amazon Book Marketing & Promotion Services are designed to help authors like you maximize their potential and
reach a wider audience.

Marketing a self-published book can be a challenging task, but with our book marketing expert’s assistance, you can navigate the intricacies of
the online book market with ease. We understand the unique needs and goals of self-published authors and offer top-rated, affordable
promotion services tailored specifically to your requirements.

Skyrocket Your Sales by promoting your self-published books to a global audience.

At Book Writing Genie, we believe that every self-published author deserves a chance to shine. That’s why we have launched thousands of
successful book promotion campaigns, helping authors like you achieve remarkable results on Amazon. Our proven strategies and industry
expertise will help you increase visibility, generate more sales, and establish a strong presence in the competitive book market.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:


Ebook Cover Design

First impressions matter, and with Book Writing Genie’s captivating book cover design service, your book will stand out from the rest! Our creative designers craft visually appealing covers that entice readers to explore your content further. A pocket-friendly investment in a stunning cover can significantly enhance your book’s marketability.

Targeted Advertising

We leverage the power of Amazon’s advertising platform to create targeted campaigns that reach the right audience. By identifying your target audience and strategically placing your book in front of them, we maximize your book’s exposure and increase the chances of converting impressions into sales.

Social Media Marketing

We harness the immense potential of social media platforms to create tried and tested book marketing campaigns. Through engaging content, eye-catching visuals, and strategic promotion, we connect you with readers, book bloggers, and influencers who can spread the word about your work.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We employ targeted email marketing campaigns to reach a wide network of readers who have shown an interest in books similar to yours. By showcasing your book’s unique selling points and offering exclusive promotions, we drive qualified traffic to your Amazon platform page and increase sales.

Amazon Book Page Optimization

We optimize your book’s Amazon page to improve its discoverability, attract potential readers, and enhance conversion rates. From compelling book descriptions to attention-grabbing keywords and metadata, we guarantee your book stands out from the crowd.

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At Book Writing Genie, we believe in words’ power and impact on readers. We aim to elevate your book to its fullest potential by offering top-notch
book writing services.

How Book Writing Genie will help you for Ebook
Promotion and Marketing Services

#1 eBook Amazon Kindle promotion experts from the US

Book Writing Genie is the leading eBook promotion and marketing service provider in the United States, specializing in promoting eBooks on
Amazon Kindle. With our vast experience and deep understanding of the digital publishing landscape, we have established ourselves as the #1
eBook Amazon Kindle promotion experts.

Turn Your Ebook into a Bestseller with Our Strategic Ebook Promotion Services

At Book Writing Genie, we believe that every eBook deserves to reach its full potential. Our strategic eBook promotion services are designed to help
authors like you turn their eBooks into bestsellers. We employ a comprehensive approach that combines data-driven strategies, industry insights,
and innovative marketing techniques to maximize your eBook’s visibility and sales.

Empower Yourself with Actionable eBook promotion services to Drive Book Sale Opportunities

We empower authors by providing actionable eBook promotion services that create valuable opportunities for book sales. Our team of marketing
experts works closely with you to develop a customized promotion strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience. Whether you’re a
first-time author or an established writer, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our eBook promotion services include


Email Marketing Campaigns

We design and execute strategic email marketing campaigns that target readers who have shown an interest in eBooks similar to yours. By delivering personalized messages and exclusive offers, we encourage readers to purchase your eBook and drive book sales.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

We leverage the power of targeted advertising to reach readers who are most likely to be interested in your eBook. Through data analysis and audience segmentation, we create effective ad campaigns that generate awareness, drive traffic to your book page, and boost sales.

Social Media Marketing

We harness the potential of social media platforms to create a buzz around your eBook. Our team develops engaging content, runs targeted promotions, and interacts with readers, book bloggers, and influencers to amplify your eBook’s reach and generate interest.

Amazon Kindle Store Optimization

We optimize your eBook’s Amazon Kindle store page to enhance discoverability, increase click-through rates, and improve conversion rates. By optimizing your book title, keywords, description, and categories, we ensure that your eBook is positioned for success in the Amazon marketplace.

Review Generation and Management

Positive reviews are essential for building credibility and attracting potential readers. We actively engage with readers, bloggers, and influencers to generate honest and authentic reviews for your eBook. Additionally, we help you manage your reviews, respond to feedback, and maintain a positive online reputation.

Hire Book Writing Genie to Market Your Book in The Right Place

Ready to take your eBook to new heights? Contact Book Writing Genie today and discover how our expertise and actionable eBook promotion services can help you drive book sales opportunities and achieve success in the digital marketplace. Empower yourself with our unique strategies and turn your eBook into a bestseller!

How to Promote a Book by Hiring Book Writing
Genie’s Publicity Services

Book publicity is one of the most effective ways to market your book. It helps you gain exposure, build credibility, and reach a wider audience. If
you’re looking for the best book marketing strategies for consistent sales, look no further. Book Writing Genie offers comprehensive publicity
services that can help you achieve your goals and maximize your book’s potential.

We have developed successful public relations campaigns for authors for more than 20 years. Our extensive experience in the industry has
allowed us to refine our strategies and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing book market. With our proven techniques, you can trust us to
deliver results and generate the publicity your book deserves.

Book Marketing Services for maximum readability and Engagement

At Book Writing Genie, we understand the importance of maximizing your book’s readability and engagement. Our book marketing services are
designed to captivate readers, drive sales, and create maximum exposure. From compelling book descriptions to eye-catching cover designs
and optimized metadata, we ensure that your book stands out and attracts potential readers.

When you hire Book Writing Genie for book publicity, you can expect
the following services


Comprehensive Media Outreach

We leverage our extensive network of media contacts to secure interviews, features, and reviews for your book. Our team crafts persuasive pitches and press releases, targeting relevant media outlets to generate buzz and increase exposure.

Author Branding and Online Presence

We help you establish a strong author brand and develop an engaging online presence. From author websites and social media profiles to blog tours and guest posting opportunities, we create a cohesive and impactful online persona that resonates with your target audience.

Influencer Partnerships

We collaborate with influential bloggers, book reviewers, and social media influencers to promote your book to their dedicated following. Through strategic partnerships, we tap into their established communities and leverage their influence to expand your reach and drive book sales.

Amazon Book Marketing Strategies

We specialize in optimizing your book’s presence on Amazon, the largest online book retailer. Our team employs proven strategies to improve your book’s discoverability, increase visibility in search results, and enhance conversion rates, ultimately leading to more sales.

Book Events and Book Tours

We assist in organizing book events, signings, and virtual book tours to connect you with readers and create buzz around your book. We work closely with you to plan and execute impactful events that maximize exposure and create meaningful connections with your target audience.

When you choose Book Writing Genie for your book publicity needs, you can expect personalized attention, strategic guidance, and a dedicated
team of professionals who are passionate about helping authors succeed. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and ensuring that
your book receives the attention it deserves

Why Our Book Marketing Services?

As an expert book marketing company, we are dedicated to helping authors achieve their book marketing goals. Whether you’re a self-published author or an established writer, our team of professional Amazon book marketers is here to support you. We specialize in marketing self-published books on the biggest platform, Amazon. With our in-depth knowledge and strategic approach, we can maximize your book’s visibility, attract readers, and boost sales. Trust us to guide you through the intricacies of book marketing on Amazon and unlock the potential of your book in the competitive marketplace.

Leading Ebook Writing Company: Tailored Solutions
for Your Unique Needs

Why should you trust Book Writing Genie? Book Writing Genie – The #1 ebook publishing agency is an ideal platform for crafting appealing content
solutions. With years of experience, we have a knack for exceeding expectations and coming up with unique strategies to ensure that all the
authors we work for get guaranteed results.

Answers You Must Know

We understand that every author may feel skeptical before hiring eBook writing services for their manuscript, which is why we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

What is book and ebook marketing?

Book and ebook marketing refers to the strategic promotion and advertising efforts undertaken to increase the visibility, reach, and sales of books and ebooks. It involves various techniques and channels to attract readers, generate buzz, and create awareness about the book in order to drive sales.

Why does any author need to market their book?

Promoting efforts are crucial for authors because it helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace, reach a wider audience, and increase book sales. Effective book marketing builds awareness, generates interest, and establishes credibility for the author and their work.

Which one is the best platform for my book's promotion?

One of the best platforms for book promotion is Amazon. It is the largest online bookstore, with a massive customer base and extensive marketing tools for authors. Amazon provides opportunities for increased visibility, customer reviews, targeted advertising, and access to a global audience.

What type of marketing channel is Amazon?

Amazon is an online retail platform that also functions as a powerful marketing channel for books. It offers authors various marketing tools and features, including book listings, author pages, advertising options, customer reviews, and algorithms that recommend books to potential readers.

What is the best way to promote my book online?

The best way to promote your book online is through a multi-faceted approach. This can include utilizing social media platforms, engaging with book bloggers and influencers, creating a dedicated author website, leveraging email marketing campaigns, participating in virtual book tours, and optimizing your book’s presence on major online bookstores like Amazon.

Why should I promote my ebooks on Amazon Kindle?

Promoting your ebooks on Amazon Kindle offers several advantages. With its vast customer base and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, Amazon provides authors feedback driven with global reach, access to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, competitive royalty rates, and targeted advertising options. It is a popular and trusted platform for ebook readers.

How do I maximize my book sales on Amazon?

To maximize book sales on Amazon, it’s important to optimize your book’s metadata (title, description, keywords), create an eye-catching cover, encourage customer reviews, utilize Amazon’s advertising options, participate in Kindle Unlimited, engage with readers through social media and author pages, and continuously promote your book to maintain visibility.

Why should I hire a book marketing and promotion service?

 Hiring a book marketing and promotion service provides several benefits. Professionals in this field have expertise in book marketing strategies, industry connections, and experience with various promotional channels. They can create customized marketing plans, execute targeted campaigns, optimize book listings, and provide valuable guidance to help authors achieve their marketing goals effectively and efficiently.

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